RIP Joe Twombly

Joe Twombly, an original member of Dick Catri’s legendary Hobie surf team has passed away. Joe later became a successful businessman with Twombly’s Nautical Furniture where he specialized in resin tables encasing ocean inspired items such as  seashells, nautical charts etc. Joe was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame in 2012.

From Pete Dooley-
We loved you Joey Twombly, you made us laugh, you were a great businessman, I looked for you at the Pat paddle out for some of your great jokes. You always had great tips for other business people, you mentored, you were the one who called me to tell me “You’re in” when I was elected into the Hall of Fame.. You met me at the door at the Induction “one vodka no more than two” was your coaching for the speech... Another great businessman told me decades ago.. You know what Joey Twombly told me? (Funny but as always.. so true).. – “When I go to buy something I drive an old Volkswagen van, when I go to sell… I drive a Lincoln Continental”..

Such a craftsman, maintaining and expanding the resin table look with sea shells and sea sculptures encased in resin so people could have our lifestyle right in front of them forever.. Most of the people I admire, admired you more..

When you were a Hobie team surf star, you stoked us out at 16th street….you were just another stoked surf kid having a blast…

Wish I could have told you all of this before you chose to go.. but you would probably been cracking jokes and telling stories anyway.. Missed..


  • A super cool guy with a heart as big as Texas! Articulate, creative, considerate, compassionate, driven and funny are just a few words of how I would describe Joe. He knew more stories about the past including so many ECSHoF inductees it was staggering. He loved animals, loved the beach and loved making people laugh.

    Miss ya my friend!!!

    Al Orihuela1 February, 2018
  • Just heard the news. Awful news. Joey was such a good guy and a great friend. Full of life. My memories of Joe are all treasured. He will be missed by all. Never had a bad word about anybody. Always fun. Sympathy for the family and friends.

    Howie Cannon6 February, 2018
  • Joe was the coolest guy most friendly guy you could hope to have the pleasure of knowing. I met him while surfing at the O club years ago and he was like an instant Friend. I felt honored to be his Friend. He gave me work at his resin shop when I was needing extra money and I knew he did not really need the help. Joe was one of those guys you were always happy to see. I know I was.
    I paddled back in from Monster Hole with him at Dick Catri’s going away party. He was as happy and upbeat as ever and told me to stop by at his house anytime. I can’t hardly believe it. It is so sad.
    We lost a good one when Joe checked out. He was a walking,talking encyclopedia of East Coast SURFING. I LOVE YOU Joe and certainly miss you. Paul Evans.

    Paul Evans31 March, 2018

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