Eastern Surf Magazine Archive: This website hosts a compilation of photos and articles from the surf magazine from the past 25 years.

The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame: The ECSHOF boasts the Who’s Who in the surfing realm of the Atlantic coast.

The Encyclopedia of Surfing: Matt Warshaw’s has written a comprehensive reference featuring many of Florida’s iconic surfers.

Surf 64 Productions (Vintage Surf Movies): Will Lucas presents restored vintage surf videos, documentaries and interviews -all available online free of cost. Check it out!

East Coast Surfing Discoveries by Skip Funderburg is re-writing the history of East Coast surfing

The Palm Beach County Surfing History Project: This new surf museum in South Florida focuses on surf culture in Palm Beach County, from the beginnings until -and including- the present.

Swaylocks Design Forum has regular contributions from Floridians involved in the surf industry. Also, a great way to show you how to spend $700 in tools to make a fin that costs $50 at the store.

The Beachside Resident this magazine has been covering the happenings in Brevard for the past several years, following the local scene.

The Cleanest Wave is a blog that covers stories throughout surf history.

The Space Coast Tourism Development Council has extensive information about Florida’s Space Coast and the wide variety of activities available, including surfing!