Hawaiian Plank Surfing

Did you ever wonder what it was like surfing those heavy wooden surfboards? Wonder no more…

Surf Jet Fun early 80s

Steve Bowman, of Cocoa Beach, submitted this photo of him blasting a high speed carve in the waters off Kiwanis Island in Merritt Island. Steve worked at the Tabelings Surfing World surf shop in the early 80s. He and Mike Tabeling would travel across Florida giving demonstrations to promote sales. Steve once had his wife, […]

O’Hare Surfboard Bonds Generations

Last year the museum received this message on our Facebook page: Jul 05, 2014 12:51pm Hi guys, I wanted to send this pic to whomever may be interested….we just left Cocoa Beach this morning after a week vacation. My dad (60) bought this board there 40 years ago and brought it back down with us. […]

Vintage Salick Surfboard Finds Its Way Home

This very nice vintage Salick twinnie was donated to the Florida Surf Museum by Pat and Tammy Jones of Mackinaw Illinois. Pat bought this surfboard at the original Salick shop on 3rd Street North When Pat was 10 years old. His family moved to Illinois after living in Cocoa Beach for five years and Pat […]

Surfing Daytona Beach-1943

It was 1943 and World War II was raging overseas. German U-boats patrolled the Florida coast and the eastern seaboard, attacking merchant shipping, as Allied and Axis troops fought across battlegrounds in Europe and Africa. That same year a few Daytona Beach high schoolers were enjoying an idyllic summer surfing warm Florida waves. These photos […]

My Old Hobie

Me with a Hobie Gary Propper model ca. 1974. I borrowed it from a friend of my dad and surfed it every day that summer. Went into the navy the next year and later heard he sold it in a garage sale for $35 Posted by John Hughes on Thursday, June 25, 2015

Caroline Marks rips!

Ron Jon Surf Shop team rider Caroline Marks surfing a fun summer swell at home in Melbourne Beach Florida the week before moving to California and dominating the 2015 NSSA Nationals. At 12 years old Caroline has the power and flow that a seasoned veteran would possess and its clear she has a special connection […]

Swap Meet

Swap meet II

  SWAP MEET II July 19th at the pavilion, Tables PAFB. 11am to 2pm Come join us for our second swap meet. Our last one was so much fun, we are doing it again. Bring a potluck dish if you can and beverages. The museum will provide burgers and dogs. Last time there were lots […]

Space Coast Surfing- 2010

Enjoy this video overview from Will Lucas of surfing around Brevard County.

Patsy Scruggs

Blake Hollow Style Boards in Florida

From John Hughes, Executive Director- I recently found this photo by Roger Scruggs in the museum archive. In the photo is Roger’s sister, Patsy Scruggs. This was taken in the early 60’s in Cocoa Beach. What is unusual is that Patsy is riding a Tom Blake style hollow board. Roger states that these boards were […]

Waterman’s Challenge 2015 Wrap-up and Results

Water spouts threatened from the east, thunderstorms growled to the west, sharks prowled the line-up, but nothing could ruin the good vibe at this year’s Waterman’s Challenge. Once again we had very contestable surf for the entire weekend and the contest ran as smoothly as we could have hoped. There was a great turnout for […]

First Swap Meet Held on May 17, 2015

The Florida Surf Museum hosted a covered dish picnic and swap meet at Tables Beach on May 17, 2015. We had a good turnout and a great time reminiscent of the old 2ndlight get-togethers.

2015 Big Wave Awards Nominees Announced

Last week, the World Surf League released the nominees for the 2015 Big Wave Awards. Categories include Ride of the Year, Paddle, Tube, and XXL Biggest Wave. Each category comes with a prize for both the surfer and the photographer/videographer who captured the winning performance. “It was another spectacular year of big wave surfing, all […]

Upcoming Event: Bob Freeman, Talking Story

Come join us for this great talk this Wednesday evening! Bob Freeman, Talking Story The CBSM is delighted to welcome Bob Freeman as its first interview for “Talking Story,” a video series sponsored by the Surf Museum and the Brevard County Historical Commission. Every few months, Dan Reiter will sit down at Café Surfinista with a […]

Movie Featuring Matt Bellina by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski

A new video produced and filmed by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski featuring Cocoa Beach surfer Matt Bellina, who was recently paralyzed in an accident. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation and therapy treatment locally. This video also includes information on two upcoming fundraising events for Matt in October and November. Matt Bellina Surfing Movie

Waterman’s Challenge Sign Up

Don’t forget! Our most popular event of the year is just a couple of weeks away on June 7  & 8, 2014, with preregistration on Friday night the 6th. Please get your entries in ASAP as they tend to fill up quickly,  and we have a limited number of spots available. These forms also reserve […]

14th Annual Paddleboard Championship- by John Hughes

14th Annual Florida State Paddleboard Championship by John Hughes This year’s championship, on April 19th, continued an unwelcome trend of unseasonably rough weather threatening the contest site. The worst winter in many years was funneling two distinct cold fronts toward Florida. Sandwiched between them was a three-day pocket of good weather which may or may not arrive […]

2013 Causeway to Causeway Paddle Challenge- by John Hughes

Written by John Hughes, Photography by Georgette McWilliams For the seventh annual Causeway to Causeway Paddle Challenge (C2C), a fundraiser for the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum, we made a major change to take advantage of what we have learned from previous years. From the beginning, the C2C was a 22-mile course starting from Lee Wenner […]

Learn to Surf Normal- by Matt Bellina

Learn to Surf Normal By: Matt Bellina Recently, the annual NKF contest wrapped up after another good year. I didn’t do so hot, but it doesn’t matter at all. The contest did good, and that’s all that matters. And over the years that contest has given me a lot of memories. I grew up in […]

Old School Design- My Feral Pigs! by Larry Rother, Sr.

OLD SCHOOL DESIGN – MY FERAL PIGS! By: Larry E. Rother, Sr. Now don’t get the idea that this story is about me owning hundreds of acres of land where Feral Pigs like to roam, multiply and rut while destroying the countryside, because it’s not. Or that I have a college degree in Veterinary Medicine, […]

China Beach

This is Pensacola surfer, Larry Martin, manning the surf concession booth on China Beach in Vietnam around 1967. Larry served in the Army and oversaw the beach so the troops could have some R&R during the war. The 1980’s TV series, “China Beach” staring Dana Delaney was inspired by Larry and the crew that hung out there. […]

Raffle for a Bark SUP!

Custom Bark Racing SUP Raffle Event Have you ever wondered what it is like to paddle one of those super cool, super fast racing SUP’s you see in the magazines? Have you ever  wondered how you could possibly afford one of those $5000 dream machines? Well, the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum has the answer to […]

Results for the 12th Annual Waterman’s Challenge, June 1st- 2nd, 2013

2013 Waterman’s Challenge Results (PDF)

2013 Florida State Paddleboard Championships In Photos- taken by Georgette McWilliams

Start of 7 Mile Race from Cocoa Beach Pier Competitor Finishing the Race Start of King and Queen of the Beach Competition  

2013 Florida State Paddleboard Championships- by John Hughes

This year’s 13th Annual FSPBC was held at the iconic Cocoa Beach Pier in conjunction with our partner, the Easter Surf Fest. The last two years we had been plagued with truly awful weather conditions. The 2012 race even had to be moved to the Indian River due to hazardous sea conditions. This year, though, […]

Talking Story with Pat O’Hare – by James MacLaren

Ok, so they said they’d like me to do an oral history of Pat O’Hare. Ok, fine. What’s an oral history? I’m new to this kind of stuff. Turns out I’m going to set up a video camera, turn it on and then sit down and ask Pat a zillion questions about his entire life’s […]

Wave Lengths | Vol 5 Iss 3

Click on the title and then download here Florida Women of the Waves with photographs by Lisa Traweek / The 2012 C2C with photographs by Georgette McWilliams / The Cocoa Beach Holiday Parade / And more

Ohana – by John Hughes

In the Hawaiian language the word “Ohana” is steeped in significance and purpose. The simple definition of Ohana is family, or clan. But for Hawaiians the word symbolizes the importance of shared sacrifice and caring that holds families and communities together and strengthens their culture against the pressures of history. This is certainly not a […]

Wave Lengths | Vol 5 Iss 2

Click on the title and then download here 11th Annual Waterman’s Challenge Weekend / Shea Weber and the Performer: Staying Close to the Soul, by Tom Fucigna / It was a Dark and Moonlit Night, by Dan Mahoney / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 5 Iss 1

Click on title and then download here Surfing Florida: a Photographic History / Agatha Christie: Writing Murder Mysteries and Surfing, by John Curran / Splitting the Atom: a Tale of Two Pieces, by Tom Fucigna / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 4 Iss 3

Click on title and then download here East West: The William Francis Whitman Family, by Pamela Whitman Mattson, Reprinted with Permission from The Ocean Magazine / Rough Weather, Tougher Competitors, by John Hughes / Florida Women of the Waves / Yeah, Baby, She’s Got it, by Tom Fucigna / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 4 Iss 2

Click on title and then download here 10th Annual Waterman’s Challenge / 2011 Florida State Paddle Board Championship, by John Hughes / Work in Progress, by Tom Fucigna / An Open Letter to Ricky Carroll – Yancy Spencer (1950-2011), by Skip Savage / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 4 Iss 1

Click on title and then download here Puerto Rico Holiday, by Dan Mahoney / It Happened this Way . . . , by John Hughes / A Harmless and Necessary Evil?, by Tom Fucigna / And More

Wave Lengths | Vol 3 Iss 4

Click on title and then download here Hollister Ranch Medley: Trespassing Private Property with Ron Stoner 1961, by Mike Hynson / Hollister Ranch 1971, by J.J. White / Artist’s Comments, by Wade Kaniakowsky / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 3 Iss 3

Click on title and then download here Out & Back, by Tom Fucigna / The Golden Age of Surfing, by John Hughes / C2C IV / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 3 Iss 2

Click on title and then download here Florida Women of the Waves / An Incomplete Education, by Athena Sasso / Prejudice & Pride, by Tom Fucigna / Spirit of the WC – the New Generation, by Jeff Cranston / Cocoa Beach Surf Museum goes Geeky, by Dennis Bennett / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 3 Iss 1

Click on title and then download here   Style and Substance – Sharon Wolfe Cranston, by Athena Sasso / Transformation: A Bare Necessity, by Tom Fucigna / Paddle on, by Cynthia Aguilar / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 2 Iss 4

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Wave Lengths | Vol 2 Iss 3

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Wave Lengths l Vol 2 Iss 2

Wave Lengths | Vol 2 Iss 1

Click on title and then download here The Hall of Obscurity (Occasional Articles about People you Don’t Know, but Should): Mark Wessling, by John Hughes / The Way from Here to There, by Tom Fucigna / The Pig and the Odds, by Athena Sasso / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 1 Iss 3

Click on title and then download here Surfing Morocco, by John Hughes / One Piece, by Tom Fucigna / Obama Depicted in Florida Surfing Artwork, by Justin Beard / C2C-Take 2, by John Hughes / And more

Wave Lengths | Vol 1 Iss 2

Click on title and then download here Salam or Shalom (on a slab of glass and foam), by Tom Fucigna / WC.7, by Athena Sasso / The Surf Report, by Roy Harrell / Florida State Paddleboard Championship – 10th Edition, by John Hughes / Surf ‘Til You’re, you know, at Least 90, by Athena Sasso / […]

Wave Lengths | Vol 1 Iss 1

Click on title and then download here What’s Old is New Again-The Reincarnation of The Cocoa Beach Surf Museum, by Sean O’Hare / The Great Escape, by Tom Fucigna / In Their Own Words – Gaulden Reed and Chris Harazda / First Pot Luck! / And more