60s Space Coast Surfing: Bob Reeves’ Photo Album

Bob Reeves and his brother Jack were early pioneers of surfing on the Space Coast in Florida. They were representative of the early migration of surfers from around the country who settled in the area in search of waves and a place to build and market surfboards. In the very early 60s there was a growing community of surfers in the area but high quality surfboards were almost non-existent. Many came from California to take advantage of the need and to make some money in the summer so they could go to Hawaii in the winter. These photos were taken from 1962 to 1964 when the brothers were part of the Campbell Surfboards factory located at the Melbourne Airport. The brothers were living at home In Pompano Beach and driving to the Campbell factory before they moved to Brevard. You can read more about this era in our post here:  Tomb and Reeves

Left to right Jack Reeves, Bob Reeves, Jim Campbell, Doug Haut, Doug Dullenkogh, Skip Moody, owner of Corvair and Unknown 1964. Taken in front of Lighthouse Point in Pompano Beach with a batch of new Campbells.


A closer look at those Campbells


Bob with his 1958 Cadillac hearse. These were popular with surfers because they could hold a lot of boards- and they were cheap. Taken in front of the Reeves home in Pompano Beach.


Jack Reeves with a Campbell Surfboard. 1964.


“The 49 Desoto was the first car I bought in Florida for myself. This was 1964 and that picture was in the winter. That is me and Snow at the rear if the car”. Bob removed the rear seat and made it into a makeshift camper.


Bob wasn’t sure why this photo was taken but we like it. Somewhere in south Cocoa Beach.


The Surfcapades, 1st surf contest in Brevard County. Indiatlantic FL


Bob Reeves on a wave at the Surfcapades, 1st surf contest in Brevard County. Indiatlantic FL





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